Direct Decks platforms are Australian designed and Australian owned.

They are the ultimate solution to the traditional cantilevered crane loading platforms attached to the face of multi-story buildings, allowing materials and equipment to be directly loaded on or off different levels by cranes during construction.

As the construction space continues to increase in value, so too does the pressure on developers to build faster and smarter. This however, also brings with it access challenges especially where time and spaces are limited. Direct Decks retractable platform solution was designed with you in mind, specifically to overcome these challenges.

Direct Decks platforms are uniquely designed to flatpack for ease of transport. Once erected on site, Direct Decks platforms are supported on needles (cantilevered beams) anchored to the supporting structure.


We're here to help you get started in the right direction with your project.

Our unique design and patented technology has been specifically designed with you in mind. Handling the toughest conditions, Direct Decks platforms perform multilevel material handling with ease.

With an easy glide in-out retractable design, Direct Decks has not only improved the overall safety of your personnel, but it will also contribute to the efficiency of your development. Decreasing wait times considerably when handling materials between different levels, Direct Decks are the right choice solution for your next project.


Direct Decks platforms not only care about your development, the safety of your people and efficiency of your job, they also care about the community. Direct Decks is committed to supporting different community charity organisations and we’re proud of it. So why not get behind us, add a hint of Blue to your next project and feel good about it.


When you engage the services of Direct Decks you are not alone. Our dedicated team of professionals are there to help and offer any advice required. We are always more than happy to look over and ensure the efficiency of allocated Direct Decks and loads, including at the anchor points.

NB: All advice or support offered is secondary to that which must be reviewed and “signed off” by the building’s structural designers including anchor points at locations where a suitably qualified engineer has determined that the structural integrity of the slab will not be affected.