Direct Decks is a firm that consistently works towards the betterment and safety of its employees and customers. We are devoted to develop a healthy, safe and secure environment for all those around us. With our commitment to nature and the environment, we have strict Workplace Health and safety policies in place.

With our robust policies on safety, we are able to deliver top-notch services to our clients. Being a forerunner while the industry, it becomes our moral duty to lead with an example and that’s exactly what we do.

Our clients and customers hold us in high regards when it comes to ethics, safety, and sustainability.

Our policies

Code of conduct
Environmental policies
Injury management
Safety regulations and documentation

Code of Conduct

We have specifically designed a set of rules which manage the way we govern our employees and how they must conduct their behaviour with customers, contractors, suppliers, and fellow employees.

We expect our employees to behave in a courteous and professional manner. Following are the standards we have set.

They have to comply with all the legal directions and instructions given to them
They have to comply with the law of the land, company policies and contracts.
Being a part of a professional firm, we expect them to dress and groom accordingly.
We expect them to dedicate their expertise and knowledge to the service of the company and clients.
They must report any violation of laws and ethics to the management immediately
They must treat customers, clients, co-workers, and contractors without any discrimination.
We expect them not to indulge in any kind of sexual or verbal abuse at the workplace.

Environmental policies

Being a part of this beautiful nation, we understand that protecting and nurturing the environment is our moral responsibility. We design our product and services keeping per this goal. Our products and services are 100% compliant with environmental regulatory policies so that our work does not impact the environment and people in the locality under threat.

We achieve this goal by adopting following practices:

We follow the policy of Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.
We try to minimise the adverse impact of our products on environment.
We ensure that our suppliers use environmental friendly material for their products.
We regularly promote and keep our employees aware about environment and how they can participate in protecting it.

Injury management and Rehabilitation

Our first and foremost priority is to avoid any kind of workplace injury to our staff by providing a safe, secure and healthy work environment. We care for our people and hence provide strong support for the Rehabilitation of an employee who sustains injury related to the occupation.

Our Aim:

To provide a safe and healthy work environment to all.
Strong support during the process of rehabilitation after an injury or illness.
To provide a fitting duty to the employee under the rehabilitation process.
Ensuring an effective rehabilitation with the help from various employee unions.
Providing a warm and healing environment for an ill or injured employee.

Collective Responsibility 
To ensure that our Rehabilitation and Return program works efficiently, we expect humble cooperation and commitment from our employees as Rehabilitation is a Collective Responsibility.

Safety regulation and documentation

We believe in following every rule in the book while working on any project. With our legal experts and risk managers, we ensure that our every site meets all the legal requirements according to the WHS (Workplace health and safety) Regulations 2011. This helps us to avoid any legal delay arising due to improper documentation and paperwork during the project.